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@WednesFri I wanted to use that as the code title for #TheSecondOne. The producers didn't get the reference and did…
22nd September, 2018
Auction for signed copies of all 4 of my #Sharknado scripts is ending in 1/2 an hour. The…
22nd September, 2018
Fewer than 24 hours left if you'd like signed copies of all 4 of my non #Emmy winning #Sharknado scripts.…
21st September, 2018
@ssgoldengirl Each of the #Sharknado movies has a special treat. That was it for #Sharknado3.
20th September, 2018
There's still 2 days left to get your own #Sharknado Collection - signed copies of ALL FOUR of my non- #Emmy winnin…
19th September, 2018
Trying something new. Offering signed copies of ALL 4 of the #Sharknado scripts I wrote in one package. The origin…
19th September, 2018
Red is the new black. There is no classes tomorrow, then watching #sharknado3 with #mitropa #yomkippur
19th September, 2018
Ok, how the hell are there sharks in space? There’s no oxygen in space. How they gonna breathe? #sharknado3
16th September, 2018