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This Lake Worth woman is one of Playboy magazine’s first centerfolds #sharknado3
20th March, 2017
Valentine’s Day: See our favorite celebrity kiss photos #sharknado3
19th March, 2017
Can it be summer so I built a bigger and is way too excited for #Sharknado3??
19th March, 2017
More like 1996 Romeo & Juliet with the windows down until #Sharknado3
18th March, 2017
They asked me to pick any film for discussion. I picked #Sharknado3 🦈
17th March, 2017
@MarcCuban is a more convincing president in #sharknado3 than @realDonaldTrump will ever be.
16th March, 2017
@washingtonpost Remember when he was President in #Sharknado3? That didn't work out too well.
16th March, 2017
@validateddaniel @IsNotRadio if you throw in #Sharknado2 #Sharknado3 and #Sharknado4 then we are in for the mother of all worst film nights!
14th March, 2017