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@AnnCoulter @realDonaldTrump Good list! How about Ann Coulter - she fought sharks in the White House before #sharknado3
19th August, 2017
Just got done watching all 5 sharknado movies and It was fantastic. #Sharknado #Sharknado2 #Sharknado3 #Sharknado4 #Sharknado5
18th August, 2017
Oh man, @IAmJericho is a roller coaster attendant. This movie just got infinitely better! #Sharknado3
17th August, 2017
FUCK YOU HAVE BEEN ALL A SUP DAN BECAUSE BRUCE THE DOOR #carrotnight Got low capture rates get eaten #Sharknado3 best of
17th August, 2017
George R Martin's cameo in #Sharknado3 made my career as a fruit.
17th August, 2017
I think the President of the USA in #Sharknado3 is better than 45
17th August, 2017
She gave birth while being in a shark that was falling through the sky 😂😂😂 #sharknado3
16th August, 2017