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No matter how you feel, I'm sure we all agree that #marine #sgt #rodriguez just earned a dance w/ lots of women. Me included! <3 #USMC
21st January, 2017
Amazing performances tonight at @SandburgHS's Talent Show! So proud of everyone! Thank you @CIGXn, @SchachtAttack24
21st January, 2017
Mr. Olsen & Marissa KILLED it on stage tonight! Making MAØ proud!! 🎤🎸 #SGT
21st January, 2017
If you really want to (17816353574) call me. You'reincredible, luv u schramski, #Sgt.big
21st January, 2017
As we #inaugurate the 45th President of the USA, let us remember to #teach our compassion and #learn from the experiences of others! #SGT
20th January, 2017


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