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Maybe now we should replace #sexiest man or #sexiestwoman of the year with biggest philanthropist of the year!
21st November, 2017
Mini rant: If ANY woman was bashed after receiving #sexiestwoman, there would be a feminist outcry. #DoubleStandards #SexiestManAlive
19th November, 2017
@nusratchirps Thote ki jaadoo korechho. Aamake ekdom pagol kore felchhe. Eta tomar #SexiestAvatar. Etto sexy r kono…
19th November, 2017
Did Harvey Weinstein choose the world's #SexiestWoman or what?
18th November, 2017
I'm hoping I win sexiest woman this year. It's anybody's game now #sexiestman #sexiestWOman #itoolooklikeafoot
16th November, 2017
@gwenstefani @people @blakeshelton She never kissed the sexiest man or anyone with blue eyes before you Blakee 😍😘☺️…
15th November, 2017
Good morning Mistress @officialSDxxx wow wow wow! What a show we had last night! Can honestly say that was the hott…
14th November, 2017