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@michaelcoren Mom’s Friend always said that circumcision was best for fellatio. She had reason to know and I wouldn…
25th February, 2018
South African church, Mancoba Seven Angels Ministry with more than 100 $ex slaves busted
25th February, 2018
@BBCNewsnight @JonathanArkush For good reason Mom’s Friend’s #sexcult mandated boy circumcision. There are medical…
21st February, 2018
@OhMyJewels it started being arrogant since MM came on I think they n a #SEXCULT that's all they do on the show
21st February, 2018
Twitter Reacts to Local Fox Station Using #RKelly’s Own Song to Clown Him For Getting Evicted From #SexCult Mansion…
20th February, 2018
'We all make mistakes': Jo Cox's family stand by her husband over sex claims | “Sexual hara…
19th February, 2018
Mom’s Friend’s #sexcult mandated circumcision so boys would be “just like Jesus”.
18th February, 2018
Islam. Religion of sexual repression that induces grooming, groping, rape as in Birmingham? What do I know. I have…
15th February, 2018