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Worldwide the socialist juggernaut is intent in causing chaos, an evil ideology. Are followers so stupid to believe they matter? #serfs
19th February, 2017
When 'all hell breaks loose' in all #ShamDemocracy Nations those directly responsible - the #serfs - will pay the price for being #peasants
18th February, 2017
You say it went great but ya mean ya had fuck all say in it #Serfs @smokeyscfc @SPIEGEL_English
17th February, 2017
@coimcne @MissBabington Exactly,they are lost causes,the love being abused by "Master". #serfs
17th February, 2017
This is the #HappyTime for #serfs everywhere. Plenty to tweet abt. AND Things are going to get even worse!!! Something to look forward to!!
16th February, 2017
Good afternoon atheists, secularists, anti theists agnostics, non believers and serfs. That said, i guess we're all #serfs in some way.
15th February, 2017
💻GET BACK TO YOUR DESK!! NOW New Office Sensors Know When You Leave Your Desk #micromanage the #serfs #slavelabor 📰
15th February, 2017