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@IsaLeshko @joanwalsh Yeah, no. True patriots understand GOP is terrified of NP @TeamPelosi . United we stand again…
17th November, 2018
@adamcbest These #SenateDemocrats better get their shit together if they want to get the Whitehouse in 2020!
16th November, 2018
@SenSchumer Most of your calls are cricket, #Senator. Hard to take you seriously, as you never follow up with acti…
16th November, 2018
.@SenSchumer From now on don't use the words "Anti American" unless your're looking in a mirror #HappeningNow
14th November, 2018
Isn't 38,000 a lovely number? Congratulations @kyrstensinema - your Arizona constituents can't wait to hear you roar! #SenateDemocrats
13th November, 2018
appointment. Otherwise, the city “may be forced” to ask a judge for it, the letter said. Sources told #Reuters la…
12th November, 2018
Last night’s election results led to so many great victories, but one especially important to me is Senator…
7th November, 2018
This is now the second election in a row where #SenateDemocrats have done slightly worse than expected. That ought…
7th November, 2018