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Why isn't Brandon Barnes on this show? #Signed Isn't he the top AR rep in da game? #SelfProclaimed 😂😂😂 #GUHHATL
27th July, 2017
So hard for me to hate people! Ugh. Why am I so bait #selfproclaimed
26th July, 2017
@archie_carrasco I'd be the one to look for great sceneries.. I have a good eye for photography #selfproclaimed doe
23rd July, 2017
@catherineivill @wilsonscribbles No, instead you're CLOGGing up social media with all these photos - see what I did…
23rd July, 2017
So proud of myself for being such a romantic person. #selfproclaimed
22nd July, 2017
Let's see if tonight's #Mariners Twitter is a little less contentious #FansAreCool #SelfProclaimed
22nd July, 2017