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@JayCaruso If you can’t even get this simple FACT correct how can WE respect anything you write or say Jay??? Psss…
11th December, 2018
#whistleblowers, "anyone reading this with information on the goings-on at any major tech company can tip @Gizmodo
9th December, 2018
A Greenpeace investigation reveals that Kiwis don't know if their plastic is being recycled, ending up in illegal d…
7th December, 2018
@kylegriffin1 @nanschmelter Or is it because he is going to abolish the Fed, eliminate all the fraudulent “debt” ma…
6th December, 2018
Do you have information that needs to see the light of day? You can share securely with us via our #SecureDrop:
3rd December, 2018