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There's a lot of angry people in the twitterverse 😶 #scrolling
19th March, 2018
Are you streamlining your #webdesign, simplifying to a scrolling, one page design? Is #scrolling the new #clicking?
16th March, 2018
It's funny that I care about you so much that time and yet still, you really don't care at all. 😂 #Scrolling #OldAccount 😂
16th March, 2018
Just passed by with this pic.. May kalokalike! 😍😍 Haha! Oh well. Bored lang sa office.. #scrolling 😑😑😑
15th March, 2018
Tabbed Slider with Parallax Scrolling Effects Using GSAP, Parallax Sliding Effect Using TweenLite JS #Parallax
14th March, 2018
When doc is 1.5 hrs behind, you like EVERYTHING on your Twitter feed. #scrolling
13th March, 2018