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@SenatorDurbin Have you met your colleagues? We can all believe the #republicans are out for #scorched #earth policy
19th September, 2017
Alec Baldwin wins for #SNL! "At long last, Mr. President, HERE is your Emmy!" #Scorched #Emmys 🔥🔥🔥😂
18th September, 2017
100% convinced the skeletons used for Halloweekend at CP are the remains of people who have taken a shower at the Cedars. #scorched🔥
18th September, 2017
@NHLCanes @MrWorkrate ALWAYS get your lettering done @The Eye. Ordered one from NHL Shop for a gift and it was ter…
15th September, 2017
@TeraCus I heard you were looking for things at @entangledpub #Scorched line and I do believe I can help when I polish off some things!
13th September, 2017
@Kolly24x7 @Suriya_offl Who is the hottie in the light blue saree on the left ... #scorched !
12th September, 2017