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@Scalebound Will you ever release #ScaleBound ? I was looking forward to this!!!
26th March, 2017
This game looked too promising to just let die. Please @Nintendo and @platinumgames, save #Scalebound and bring it…
25th March, 2017
Is anyone still crushed about #scalebound i know i am.... but #destinythegame keeps me hyped
25th March, 2017
@majornelson We want #Scalebound & some new IPs! Also, invest so we get Shenmue 3 & FFVII (Remake). Team with Sega on new Panzer Dragoon RPG
24th March, 2017
@gamespot Just when I'm staying to get past it... i see this. I was jazzed about #Scalebound. And like a fart in th…
24th March, 2017
Still pissed at @Microsoft for canceling of #scalebound but continuing sea of thieves which is a trash animated version of ac: black flag
23rd March, 2017
I did this drawing in memory of #scalebound... I was really looking forward to this game :'(
22nd March, 2017