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Looks like the #NYTimes editorial board bigot #SarahJeong was staring into a bowl of Alphabit Cereal to long. This…
15th November, 2018
MSM Hypocrites AFTER #SarahJeong's virulent racism was exposed she received a Twitter verification AFTER…
14th November, 2018
@nytimes That was like 45 mins ago. It's not active, but your racism still is. #sarahjeong
8th November, 2018
@nytimes From the org that hires racist reporters #Sarahjeong that said she would like to exterminate All white families.
8th November, 2018
Hey @NYtimes got the perfect hire for you. This vile extremely biased battle axe. You can pair her with your extrem…
6th November, 2018