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Outside of Deadpool Ryan Reynolds is a hit/miss so we have to wait to see if he has the range to spread his charism…
20th June, 2018
I’m still sad about Ash Vs. Evil Dead ending so I’m just going to rewatch the first two seasons while waiting for s…
19th June, 2018
Well if Sam Raimi isn’t going to make this then I guess I will just work on it myself #samraimi #spiderman
18th June, 2018
My friend @WeirdoAnthony has delved into an interesting area. How #Poltergeist (1982) influenced #EvilDead2 (1987)!…
17th June, 2018
"Put him on the front-page, that'll make him famous. If not, I'll make him INFAMOUS." - J.J. Jameson #SamRaimi #SpiderMan
16th June, 2018
Fun Facts: The Evil Dead (1981) Untold Truth Video #horror: #BruceCampbell and #SamRaimi made gold when they create…
16th June, 2018