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But But what if I want to play forever. Seen like mommy #nintendo will not let me I hope daddy #Sakurai will let m…
19th August, 2018
@JonComms Introducing the Wii Remote. We given it a variety of moves such as Shaking, Sensor, the Pointer, and it’s…
18th August, 2018
Hi there, 🔥Just recently did the this #LOGO.🔥Do you like it or not? If you need one just visit:…
16th August, 2018
A comic that I made a couple days ago. Decided to share it here on Twitter for the lulz #Ashley #WarioWare
15th August, 2018
Big scoop! #Sakurai and his team have decided to bring Simon Belmont's "Holy Water" attack to #SSBU. In order to ma…
15th August, 2018
I’m happy for what we are getting so far but I feel as if I had to make this #smash #smashultimate #sakurai
15th August, 2018