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@ajaxsouth We may not agree on this, but we can agree on #RushHour4!
21st October, 2017
Watching #RushHour3 in light of #RushHour4 being made!!!!!! Although 3 was terrible. I'll still…
20th October, 2017
@ricedaddy7 😂😂 That's a good thing. #RushHour4 life ya'll. How's the writing going btw?
20th October, 2017
Can't wait to see #rushhour4 and hopefully another reeboot of #friday
19th October, 2017
Yo me and my soul brova @BHatfieldSA are restarting our @RadioSEGA slot at midnight GMT/ 7 PM EDT so tune in for fun and shit! #RushHour4
17th October, 2017