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#Rondo for dropping deep to get the ball &play forward when on, 4v2 on each side. Screening defender& pressure from…
16th January, 2017
@10Simmer10 What kind of defending was that? I saw 6/7 guys in the box who looked like they were in a #rondo. Utter chaos. No organization.
15th January, 2017
Saying that that #FiresideChat with Joe Buck and Aikman was gay would be wrong. #Kobe #Rondo
15th January, 2017
<<If the white rose petals open one by one, will the memories from those days revive?>> #VampireKnight #MatsuriHino
14th January, 2017
I think rondo would fit well in golden state he'd be able to pass all day and that's what he likes to do #rondo #GSW
13th January, 2017