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I'm betting on the underdog aka #ronaldmcdonald . Never underestimate the clown. #BlueWave2018 #dumptrump
20th May, 2018
Vintage 1983 McDonalds Puffy Vinyl Ornament RONALD McDonald by ItsAboutTimeToSell #mcdonalds #ronaldmcdonald
19th May, 2018
SHOCKING (FREE GAS) McDonalds secret DISCOVERED!! Watch the two part series "HOW TO GET FREE GAS FROM MCDONALDS" on…
19th May, 2018
@kcrw My inspirational,always positive ol' high school teacher at El Rancho in #PicoRivera was TV's #RonaldMcDonald
19th May, 2018
@AntonEberhard Zuma out! Mugabe out! We out of out land... at least we have the house! #ronaldmcdonald for president!
18th May, 2018