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I’m blessed with the best followers, fans and fam. Y’all fam! 38 views in one night. That’s really cool to me. Migh…
21st July, 2018
U know u kinda done something right if u can get your 63 yr old mother to like #hiphop I been getting lots of posit…
21st July, 2018
@michaelschweitz I’m so volunteering to house sit from now on just to do that! #RiskyBusiness #Classic
21st July, 2018
“Risky Business Mixtape” 1st #Mixtape from Clement Tha Man. Check it out on #YouTube #rap #hiphop #catholicHiphop
21st July, 2018
@NoMansSky Sometime's you just gotta say "What the fuck?" #RiskyBusiness
20th July, 2018
@CA_DMV you should update the mailer with a direct link. The current link takes you to a page that offers NO links…
19th July, 2018