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Available now: Pop Music Wisdom Collection at IXXI – famous music quotes for your wall! @ixxiyourworld
20th July, 2018
@TheFreds After being rejected from the Blue Man Group, Fred started his own posse, #RightSaidFred.
18th July, 2018
The 1992 Top Hits Tournament - Second Round - #6 seed vs #27 - Pick one to move on to the Sweet 16! "I'm Too Sexy"…
17th July, 2018
Never a dull moment in our marriage! Lunch date with @1stLadyofGuelph instantly turns into a dance party #Guelph!…
17th July, 2018
#RightSaidFred released “I’m Too Sexy” 27 years ago today. Check out our oral history of the snarky dance pop smash.
16th July, 2018
The 1992 Top Hits Tournament - it's a one hour OT for one of our first round matches #6 seed vs #59 - they each had…
15th July, 2018
We have all been friends for 20 years plus. Sadly we only have 4 full heads of hair left 😂, even worse I'm not one…
15th July, 2018