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#NotSurprised. Didn't believe #RestrictedMode was fixed for one second. More pressure needs to be put on @YouTube
26th April, 2017
This is all of @BriaandChrissy's channels content in #restrictedmode😞 "Filter Problem Is Fixed." Nope, it's not. Pl…
26th April, 2017
@YouTube @TYTNetwork How come this video Over 2 min video of a man introducing himself is i…
26th April, 2017
@pewdiepie gets all @YouTube videos removed w/ #RestrictedMode ON, except one with #FamilyContent tag 🤣 Bravo @YouTube filtering #fail !
26th April, 2017
Huh, seems like #RestrictedMode on #youtube blocks my Secret World and Shivers 2 videos. Left image is Restricted o…
25th April, 2017
I'm still highly sceptical that @YouTube has fixed the #RestrictedMode. Is this for all channels? |
24th April, 2017