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When you realize A League of Their Own started filming again today @jackwhitehall @flintoff11 @JKCorden #Redknapp
29th June, 2017
Brilliant series of league of their own as always! Hopefully a 3rd lads! @JKCorden @flintoff11 @jackwhitehall #Redknapp
26th June, 2017
Jamie Redknapp fake orgasm on a league of their own road trip is absolutely hilarious! #whitehall #flintoff #redknapp #corden
26th June, 2017
Marc Roberts set to have talks with #Redknapp over potential #BCFC move. #BCFC #KRO
25th June, 2017
TV has provided many great moments, but @flintoff11 + @jackwhitehall crying as #Redknapp tries to orgasm on @ALOTO might just top them all!
24th June, 2017
Clamour for @theresa_may to draft in a relegation expert into 10DowningSt Will it be #allardyce Or #Redknapp ?
21st June, 2017