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I like D’Angelo Russell. Still dont think hes an allstar. Sorry @Rwlee715 #Siakim #Redick
15th February, 2019
@Twitt_erLessTy Between outdoor, indoor and Christmas ones - I counted almost 30.....#redick
12th February, 2019
@woo_yeah_ryan Did you see this play !!!?? 👇👇👇👇👇 #redick
10th February, 2019
JJ #Redick reminds me of the NES game Double Dribble. There was one spot on the court where you would ALWAYS make a…
10th February, 2019
This is just..ack! #ReDICK Lea Gabrielle, former Fox News reporter, named to lead counter-propaganda efforts at St…
9th February, 2019