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Scary stuff 😱 Shot in 3D Holographic on RED Hydrogen (looks cool), but you need one to see it Holographically...…
13th December, 2018
RED HYDROGEN One, out now. Head to our site, or AT&T and Verizon to get yours! #redhydrogen #h4v
12th December, 2018
4-View display delivers realistic depth, light, and textures bringing content to life in fundamentally new ways.…
11th December, 2018
#cinematic: sorry folks tagging 3 people for entry into a contest for a #redhydrogen phone. I hate when they make m…
9th December, 2018
I dropped my #redhydrogen and dented the ground. The phone is a brick - very sturdy @redhydrogen
5th December, 2018
Blind Smartphone Camera Test by @MKBHD - #redhydrogen making it to the semi-finals - props to the color science tea…
4th December, 2018
@ijustine The only one that got in front of me was K vs P. Glad I picked K —the red was so jarring on P lol #redhydrogen ♥️
4th December, 2018