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Why sis look like her panties got wet just watching Fitz on tv. I don’t care what she was saying out of her mouth h…
10th December, 2017
Updated my phonebook’s favourite list cuz life is too short to miss any more calls. Especially at this time of the night. #reasonswhy
5th December, 2017
#Reasonswhy I like twitter, its like you’re talking to the #walls , not much of a difference than #reallife , really, I #love it! 😛🙃
4th December, 2017
ok i do 9 things of those 14😂 no wonder i'm chronically #exhausted . #ReasonsWhy You're Always #Tired - #Health
4th December, 2017
GET EXCITED! #ConAcad2018 applications are now open! Tell us your #reasonswhy you want to come to #WashingtonDC
2nd December, 2017