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Will #RazerPhone get a June security update? Or any upcoming fix, features coming up? @RazerSupport @Razer @minliangtan
19th June, 2018
Well after having the #razerphone for little over 2 months now I have come to a conclusion that it the best phone I…
19th June, 2018
Dropped my #razerphone in water yesterday gotta get it fixed not happy
19th June, 2018
Thanks razer for always force closing my game at sunset @Razer #razerphone
18th June, 2018
@HollieB @HuaweiMobileUK Surly as a gamer you'd pick the Razer phone? I have it and it's amazing! #razerphone @Razer
17th June, 2018
Why in the land of convicts (straya) is it so hard 2 get things here? Eg. #rogphone #razerphone #goodinternet
16th June, 2018
I could spend hours going through every dealership and look at every car without getting bored. Such a great variet…
15th June, 2018
@PUBGMOBILE @Razer Look at this awesome @Razer phone case that @ericday01 has! That Kawasaki Green is just my colo…
15th June, 2018