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Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts defends #RachelDolezal pick for #BaltimoreBookFestival, gets roasted
27th May, 2017
@Fuctupmind @CoolHandLukeX1 So if someone went Black with #racheldolezal and went back, would that really count? Asking for a friend #MAGA
27th May, 2017
@JonJ_L973 #ShaunKing is just the male version of #RachelDolezal. He is "trans-Black" 🙄
26th May, 2017
@rofeal97 @VOICEOFCHID Well, your blackness is not for another man to define anyway...unless you're #RachelDolezal
25th May, 2017
Hey liberals, if #BradleyManning can decide to be a woman, why can't #RachelDolezal decide to be Black?
24th May, 2017