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Sad today, and trying to get it together enough to host game night. Trying to be rep Taylor swift, but feeling more…
21st September, 2018
So I emailed @DAZN_CA or support/reassurance that their service will be less laggy for football Sunday. No response…
18th September, 2018
I was looking forward to getting so much shit done but fucking surprise, my crippling anxiety is back and I can’t d…
18th September, 2018
Tired after a long day of work, and a bit jetlagged, but I've got a party to host, which is generally enough to mak…
18th September, 2018
Having a major lack of motivation today... skipped the gym to sleep another hr... I’m falling apart #pullittogether
17th September, 2018
@Gotem24_7 @AASpinebuster You had 300yrds rushing, O-line can't block period, and I think I heard we've already had…
15th September, 2018
Damn the season finally of Nashville made me cry but not on episode of grays anatomy.... #idontgetmyself
14th September, 2018