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Having quite the pity party at C&C Variety Show at the Steve Allen. ❤️ #puddlespityparty #cry @…
26th June, 2017
Skyline Sessions: Puddles Pity Party - "I Started a Joke" by The Bee Gees #puddlespityparty
25th June, 2017
Flyover for details. Accidental music by #PuddlesPityParty , one of my favorites. #wip
24th June, 2017
I'm absolutely addicted to @PMJofficial. Why haven't I discovered this earlier? #eargasm #puddlespityparty
24th June, 2017
Just watched #puddlespityparty 's cover of Nick Cave's "Ship Song". I'm a huge Nick Cave fan, and I may still like this one better.
24th June, 2017
Absolutely loved puddles. One of my favorite acts #puddlespityparty
23rd June, 2017