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I'll be appearing on #PressTV in a few minutes to discuss the new US sanctions on the #DPRK.
16th December, 2018
Minister Louis Farrakhan Challenges Critics after Returning from Iran #Farrakhan #Iran #PressTV
15th December, 2018
@guardian They know their disgusting !!!! Author of this didn't even post a name. Well looks like #BDS #ISIS
13th December, 2018
My #PressTV spot has been delayed until the next hour due to the live coverage of the Theresa May confidence vote.
12th December, 2018
In about 20 minutes I'll be appearing on #PressTV to discuss the United Nations Security Council support for the…
12th December, 2018
#Turkey to launch new operation against #Syria Kurd militia in 'next few days': Erdogan.#PressTv
12th December, 2018
The mouthpiece of the genocidal mullahs of Iran continues its attacks on @realDonaldTrump. These genocidal animals…
12th December, 2018