Pokemon Go Detective Pikachu

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day 10 of "Detective Pikachu" Pikachu photobombs. (And the final one as the event ends today. ⌛📅) 📸⚡… https://t.co/IpG33HqfR7
17th May, 2019
day 8 of "Detective Pikachu" Pikachu photobombs. And Today's special because it's my birthday! 🎂 📸⚡ (unfortunatel… https://t.co/o8g5ofWSvI
15th May, 2019
OMG! SHINY SNUBBULL #2!! ✨ 🐶 🤯 😍 (But sadly no shiny Aipom yet... 😔🚫✨🐒) #PokemonGOdetectivepikachu #shinycheck https://t.co/CVDI7sPdKQ
14th May, 2019
Not the shiny I was looking for but keeps me from a shutout during this event #PokemonGo #PokemonGoDetectivePikachuhttps://t.co/PwmH39ThiH
13th May, 2019