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@acerbialberto you shared Krist Vaesen #PLOS paper, may be you'll find useful our work-if we are lucky- #casmodeling
23rd September, 2017
Amanda Lawrence "success has come from community (not institutional) infrastructure" #AOASGwebinar eg.. #PLoS #Arxiv
22nd September, 2017
Using #RNA-seq data to select reference genes for normalizing gene expression in apple roots: by Zhe Zhou,… #PLoS
21st September, 2017
Interesting: @Sci_Hub is forcing #PLOS to rethink how their articles are presented #coasp9
20th September, 2017
#plos Self-monitoring of blood pressure in hypertension: A systematic review and individual patient data meta-..
19th September, 2017
#plos Cervical screening with primary HPV testing or cytology in a population of women in which those aged 33 ..
19th September, 2017
#PLOS Global services & support 4 children with developmental delays & disabilities: Bridging research & policy gaps
19th September, 2017
The effects of storage temperature and duration of blood samples on DNA and #RNA qualities: by Lien-Hung… #PLoS
19th September, 2017
#plos Global services and support for children with developmental delays and disabilities: Bridging research a..
18th September, 2017