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#plos Long-term risks and benefits associated with cesarean delivery for mother, baby, and subsequent pregnanc..
23rd January, 2018
check this out #PLOS Channels: Disease Forecasting & Surveillance
22nd January, 2018
Top loot from my charity Danceathon gift bag. Invaluable tbh. Turns out I've been doing kegels all wrong. Thanks…
20th January, 2018
Outstanding new Collection from PLOS NTDs #PLOS Collections DeWorm3
18th January, 2018
Vault #RNAs partially induces drug resistance of human tumor cells MCF-7 by binding to the #RNA/DNA-binding protein…
18th January, 2018
#plos Progression of the first stage of spontaneous labour: A prospective cohort study in two sub-Saharan Afri..
16th January, 2018