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Nicki dishes on what is next for her after releasing the #PinkPrint in 2014. As told to @rgay
17th October, 2017
"How we warn our daughters shows how civilized we are" This (Dutch) article is about exactly that. #PinkPrint
16th October, 2017
1. Win Again 2. Feeling Myself 3. All Things Go 4. Want Some More 5. Truffle Butter / Anaconda #pinkprint
13th October, 2017
@NICKIMINAJ Quote with your Top 5 Favorite songs off #Pinkprint album (including bonus) Mine are 1. I Lied 2. Feel…
13th October, 2017
"I'm losin' a thing I thought I'd win And I'm coming undone, cause the tears don't end" — The Crying Game, Nicki Minaj #PinkPrint #Memories
12th October, 2017
I keep forgetting my favorite @NICKIMINAJ is back at home in #Texas #fml #smh need to buy it again it’s fire 🔥🔥🔥#PinkPrint
12th October, 2017
@NICKIMINAJ #pinkprint helped me the minute it came out, I was going through a rough break up and I think it's about to help me again. 😣😣😣
12th October, 2017