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Debulking of TV endocarditis with #penumbra 8F system using intracardiac #echo
10th December, 2018
Professor Mark Parsons giving us an entertaining update on changes in acute stroke management... #penumbra😎…
7th December, 2018
$PEN #Penumbra 1 director sold: A director at Penumbra Inc sold 1,200 shares at 142.192USD and the significance rat…
7th December, 2018
What I’m loving most about @DestinyTheGame is that they’ve brought D2 to the best place it’s ever been and there st…
3rd December, 2018
Time to re spark Horror Friday, back with a horrifying time in Penumbra: Overture! maybe we will see.…
1st December, 2018
When in doubt, draw Penumbra. A little experimenting with lighter soft colors. #penumbra #oc #originalcharacter
30th November, 2018