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@alltogethernow is a superb show from format to execution. I love it when even Paulus stands up! #Paulus #AllTogetherNow
18th February, 2018
#AllTogetherNow - what a fucking mess this is. My lot loves it 🙄😩 #paulus is a prime twunt.
17th February, 2018
@vjw_x Lol, I don't think he'd even stand up for his own reflection. He's such a misery! #Paulus #AllTogetherNow
17th February, 2018
@alltogethernow Paul Us aka ‘Ice queen’ needs to get over himself, cheer up and join in with the fun and appreciate…
17th February, 2018
#Paulus standing up. Get a good look cos it don’t happen often. Flamingo jacket twinned wth #simoncarter shirt. Wit…
14th February, 2018