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Well,we know where Trump supporters get their sports news, just listen to the #PaulFinebaum show. Every caller was…
17th January, 2019
Jermaine from Memphis, you're embarrassing yourself. Bama got whipped. Officials we're not a factor. Roll tide. #paulfinebaum
15th January, 2019
Will #TimTebow wedding be televised on #SECNetwork with #PaulFinebaum reading the vows? Here's my column:…
14th January, 2019
Listening to the @finebaum show right now and I know feel dumber listening to the last five callers. How do they ev…
12th January, 2019
cant swing a dead cat n Kroger w/out hitting a BAMA fan TODAY!!!...... not one tshirt #paulfinebaum
8th January, 2019
Paul's final college football ranking 1 Bama 2 Georgia 3 LSU 4 Clemson 5 Florida #paulfinebaum @finebaum
8th January, 2019
@SorenPetro @KSeaboldt Will you guys have #paulfinebaum back on to discuss how in the world a #sec team lost to an #acc team?
8th January, 2019
@KirkHerbstreit @ClemsonFB Can’t wait to hear all the excuses from Alabama and SEC fans. #ALLIN. #PaulFinebaum.
8th January, 2019
Well, Bama did score 16. Finebaum such a brown nose to nick. #paulfinebaum.
8th January, 2019