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We've come a long way, me and this #PatrickKane piece. Started it over a year ago, stopped working on it, and final…
13th December, 2018
NHL Milestone Stat of the Day: Patrick Kane-1st Career Goal (10/19/07) #missyjanegraphics #nhl #nhlmilestones
11th December, 2018
Patrick Kane scored both goals for the Blackhawks in a 3-2 loss to Montreal on Sunday. #PatrickKane #FantasyHockey
10th December, 2018
If this team didn’t suck, #Blackhawks #PatrickKane would score 60 goals!
10th December, 2018
Let’s get not put a cap on the stick handeling? Let’s see some craziness of of that magic broom stick of yours ther…
10th December, 2018
@Jeff_Meller @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla Amazing how far @NHLBlackhawks have tumbled in a short time, especially when…
9th December, 2018