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@BrownsugaWho Indeed I did! Folks gotta eat! #PapaJohn’s to the rescue 😊
22nd October, 2017
Purely and solely following my coaches orders. This isn’t fun. This is hell 🙄 Lollll 🐷 #papajohn
21st October, 2017
I think #papajohn has had some work done.
21st October, 2017
@coachfitz007 @CardChronicle That horrible #PapaJohn pizza will never be eaten in this household again!
19th October, 2017
Call me Mr. Petty but #PapaJohn gets no more of my drunkened pizza nights.
18th October, 2017
Hi, my name Kiryu. And after a long day of busting heads I enjoy a steaming hot #PapaJohn $7.99 One Topping Pizza
16th October, 2017
When billionaires are penny wise and pound foolish. #PapaJohn
16th October, 2017