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@BonterBrian Don't be. The co-op isn't that in depth. You share the same 6 Pokemon and get to 2v1 everything lol. #OverPowered
21st June, 2018
@SHGames the #itraburst is way #overpowered and is seriously frustrating to use against if you don't have it. #paytowin
21st June, 2018
@FortniteGame Please... Please nerf sniper rifles. They're a little too powerful for people with full health and sh…
18th June, 2018
I sincerely hope the fired cartoonist doesn’t have a family to support. Regardless, all 8.5K retweeters find a wa…
16th June, 2018
Do You Agree? Fortnite Community ————————— Overpowered (Thermal)⚠️ ——————————— #FortniteProAM #Fortnite
15th June, 2018
@tomqe Ps. Sir, if you can do me a favor, DO NOT MAKE THIS GAME EASY. also, Nero's Arm was too #overpowered in devi…
12th June, 2018