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It’s midnight,we just had a hot tub in back yard; time to go enjoy new fire pit. #Campfire #Snacks a must!…
23rd September, 2018
Thanks to @VIVABlackpool for sharing these great pictures from last night’s fabulous show. #eyesandteeth
22nd September, 2018
Aside from the excellent #Orville episode about social ratings, there was also the very well done one on…
22nd September, 2018
Fantastic to perform as part of such a special show last night @VIVABlackpool in memory of the wonderful…
22nd September, 2018
I guess the #swamp didn't get the memo, there is a new sheriff in town. This is getting interesting, anybody checke…
22nd September, 2018
Leave no dark corner - China’s credit system. Reminds me of an episode of the #Orville #privacy #infosec
21st September, 2018