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Please spread the word. Now has an open forum. Feel free to join and stay connected to the…
24th September, 2018
A guy comes and proposes to you, you ask for hantaran. The guy hesitates. what do you do? #OpenDiscussion
23rd September, 2018
Concerned about #volatility in #crypto? We are launching a new initiative - weekly Thursday #CryptoDiscussion sessi…
20th September, 2018
Just made my first Social Studies #tossandtalk ball and I'm excited to use it in class this week with my young hist…
20th September, 2018
Did you miss last week's broadcast with host Briana Britt? Press play and join in on this #OpenDiscussion on Race &…
20th September, 2018
What can the governments of the world do to change the world for the better? Does it need change? #opendiscussion
17th September, 2018
The only way to get to the truth is to talk to everyone involved.. #opendiscussion #gettothetruth thanks for the co…
17th September, 2018
I uploaded a new episode, "ITIYL - EP26 - People in Open Relationships Are Happier Than You", on #spreaker #couples
16th September, 2018