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@Potus "I'm not Steve Bannon. I'm not here suck my own cock." You hear that #omarosamanigault et #parisdennard You niggas for Trump. 😡😡😡
17th August, 2017
Waiting to see 45 drag #OmarosaManigault to support him at a press conference to prove he is in tune with minorities.
17th August, 2017
@CNN remember #OmarosaManigault said Trump Enemies List Being Kept is he callin nazi whites…
16th August, 2017
@twitter blocked me from #Omarosamanigault et #Parisdennard: these two mutha fuckin black hoes--make me fuckin sick. 😡🇺🇸😡🇺🇸
16th August, 2017
#NBC is #FakeNews: #OmarosaManigault Causes Uproar at Black Journalists Convention. She didn't cause it!…
15th August, 2017
Omarosa Manigault has been some kind of celebrity for years and we still have no idea what she might be useful do…
14th August, 2017