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For me there's one thing that is more fun than playing guitar; Singing and playing guitar. #radiohead #lift #1997
15th January, 2019
I just listened to #InRainbows and right after #OKComputer again. I still love In Rainbows more, but they are both…
14th January, 2019
Well, if you're gonna reappropriate something, you might as well swipe from the best! #Radiohead #OKComputer
13th January, 2019
Was singing a few songs karaoke today, including this one; my favourite @Radiohead song. @ThomYorke @JnnyG
12th January, 2019
Radiohead's #okcomputer extremely relevant again. Is it cos we've similarly had many long years of a dreary Conserv…
12th January, 2019
Explore our track-by-track guide to Radiohead’s dystopian masterpiece ‘OK Computer’.
12th January, 2019