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Nice to see @Atul_Gawande on @TheLastWord tonight. Looking forward to our fall event where he will be featured. #PAC #Ohioan
28th June, 2017
@RepBeatty I'm honored by your following me 😳 As an #Ohioan I look up to you for being a strong woman in politics!…
27th June, 2017
If you put $Greed over #Ohio citizens I will help campaign 4 your opponent! Do u hear me @senrobportman? No…
27th June, 2017
@JohnKasich As an #Ohioan I'm proud of your decision 2 b bipartisan in the face of #Trumpcare We need more of that…
27th June, 2017
As an #Ohioan I expect @senrobportman to remember who elected him & fight for our healthcare like he would his own!…
26th June, 2017
I, for one #Ohioan, am deeply ashamed of @JohnKasich. He got his pee-pee stepped on in primary and has been an a-hole ever since. @POTUS
25th June, 2017
"Do we even have salad dressing" "Yes we have ranch" " .... ew ranch is a dipping sauce not a salad dressing" #Ohioan
24th June, 2017
@robportman I'm begging you #VoteNo. I'm an #Ohioan w. #Lupus, meds=$35K+/yr; w.out emp ins & aid of a drug co, my…
23rd June, 2017