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#Alex #LoveIsland was on the bench & the world fell In love with him .week in& out we rooted for him .romances fail…
22nd July, 2018
“I’m doctor Alex but you can call me Alex”... “Hi, I’m Alex too..” “Oh really? We’re Alex squared” 😂 too much #loveisland #ohhell
21st July, 2018
I'm being made to learn to tap dance for this show. TAP. DANCE. My little girl dream is my overgrown woman nightmar…
20th July, 2018
Can’t even lift my arms up for long enough to french plait my own hair post 1 boxing class #ohhell
20th July, 2018
After working 17h, made it to bed at midnight. Alarm set for 5:00 4:09......*BING email notification..... Subje…
19th July, 2018
You know what, new Jack can just bugger right off! I am awfully angry! I have a good mind to prescribe him some ver…
18th July, 2018