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Happy Caturday, lewd fam~ Tonight at 7 PM EDT we return to our most favorite JRPG to begin side-waifu's story 💗…
26th May, 2018
Oh, man. This ending and the Curtain Call were amazing. Thank you, Sega and Atlus. Dang. #OdinSphere #PS4share
24th May, 2018
I did it! I got the true ending! Oh man. What an amazing game! #OdinSphere
24th May, 2018
Alright, Candice. I know you have all these new things to play, but please finish the last hour of #OdinSphere. You…
24th May, 2018
I ended up too tired to finish the last chapter of #OdinSphere last night. Going to push through that today and the…
23rd May, 2018