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My small and growing collection of things I love. It's been very therapeutic for me :] <3 #Utapri #tokiya #ranmaru
16th August, 2018
my gwendolyn figure arrived! beautifully detailed and her wings are so majestic! ♥(´∀` )人 #odinsphere
14th August, 2018
Spent some time taking semi-pro pics of my ridiculous collection of figures 😂 #odinsphere #odinsphereps4 #atlus
14th August, 2018
Gwendolyn Leifdrasir from #odinsphere gets another impressive figure this month from #Alter! Find out more: -
13th August, 2018
My 3rd Gwendolyn scale figure! I love the new sculpt but unfortunately mine has a few issues with the paint job. No…
13th August, 2018
Weekend bonus! Here's a preview of what I'm working on. I might retake this shot to eliminate some artifacts from f…
11th August, 2018