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There's a unique beauty about windmill farms in the middle of the desert. Who else agrees? . . #VisitCalifornia
14th January, 2019
⛳️🏡⛳️🏡Arizona Golf Home ⛳️🏡⛳️🏡⛳️ Ocotillo Golf Club David Rose-Darwin Wall Real Estate Team #roseknows #ocotillo
12th January, 2019
The Ocotillo is a desert 🌵 success story. It is a plant that has adapted to its environment, and is useful to both…
12th January, 2019
Rockets Red Glare This ocotillo is my campsite mascot. In the early light they reminded me of red rockets leaving…
11th January, 2019
Always thought these Mule Ears look like #devil horns from the porch of the Starlight Theater! #ocotillo and #mule
8th January, 2019