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I’ve seen “Goblet of Fire” probably a half dozen times & only just now realized David Tennant played Barry Crouch Jr... #observant
25th March, 2018
Look well at what goes by inside what you are looking at > #B #OBSERVANT to things that seem common, #LOVE is in us all !!
23rd March, 2018
Just said to work mates 'what happened to those buildings in town?' Thinking something must've happened yesterday..…
22nd March, 2018
@bigapplewedding I'm great thanks! How's your week going? #weddinghour I don't think I'd realised you were in Lanca…
21st March, 2018
It was all Broken promises until IT WAS ME WHO WAS PROMISING MYSelF #Stayhumble #Stayreal #Grateful #Observant
20th March, 2018
Let people do what they wanna do so you see what they’d rather do. #Observant
20th March, 2018