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I just realized that I will not be able to eat pasta salad #noooooooooo
18th June, 2018
Did I really just hear “Sympathy for the Devil” on a car commercial ? #RollingStones #noooooooooo #thatsjustwrong
17th June, 2018
The worst moment on the Citi bus is when the bus goes right past your stop and you relize you forgot to press the s…
15th June, 2018
Henry has started asking for "Caillou" .... #noooooooooo
15th June, 2018
Fixinta go to lunch with @PreciousBale and I am dragging my feet because I am going to 😩😭😞😢! #MissYouAlready
13th June, 2018
The New Statesman has put up a pay wall, I totes understand but #noooooooooo
12th June, 2018
Gotta admit that looked/sounded even funnier in super-satisfying slow-mo! 😂😂😂 #Noooooooooo #Dedication
10th June, 2018