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Had to buy these shows bc they reminded me of my favorite desert community! #wtnv #welcometonightvale #nightvale
20th June, 2018
TFW you grab the wrong shirt on the way to work at the animal shelter and end up looking like you’re at the…
19th June, 2018
Today's bike playlist! Catching up on @NightValeRadio after like two years of neglect... this episode's weather was…
19th June, 2018
Why does no podcaster look like their voice. But #nightvale Cecil looks just like his fandom pics?
18th June, 2018
Just listened to my very first @NightValeRadio podcast it was amazing. I know I'm late to the party but I loved eve…
16th June, 2018
"Everything is a piñata, if you hit it hard enough." #nightvale
15th June, 2018