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Reminds me of #Nero fiddling while #Rome burned. Little minds with large pretensions seldom escape a terrible fall.
21st May, 2018
You know nothing @BJP4Bengal. This is the best & easiest way to spread democracy in #BestBengal. Election commision…
20th May, 2018
Yayyyy, Nero is finished! Took me foreverrr but if u compare dis to the Jeanne D' Arc picture I did, I think I impr…
20th May, 2018
I am voting @nelsonchamisa coz my vote goes to a president of a party that fought for a new constitution and one th…
20th May, 2018
He’s happiest after banging the brides mother, as is his birthright #RoyalWedding #Nero
20th May, 2018
commission for @pastelboy24 #nero from #DMC4 UwU happy that i'm picking up on this finally despite my head is b…
19th May, 2018